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IONS-7 was Hosted in Galway in 2010

We were pleased to host the IONS-7 meeting in Galway. Many thanks to all of the participants and speakers who made the conference a success. Special thanks to our invited speakers; David Hardwick, Miles Padgett, John Dunne, Carl Jackson, and Petronel Bigioi. The next European IONS Conference, will be hosted in Salamanca.

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The IONS-Project was officially launched in 2006 and has since been growing into an ever more worldwide activity. In the beginning, mainly European universities and research institutes were actively participating. Due to its enormous success and rate of growth, the IONS-Project was subdivided into regional IONS-Projects in 2009 with different chapters carrying on this dream on their respective continent.

The first conference at ICFO in Barcelona saw 15 optics students from 4 countries. Their number grew continuously during the next conferences at the Optoelectronics Research Centre ORC in Southampton, the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics MPQ in Munich and the University Frederico II in Naples. IONS-5 in Barcelona was already attended by over 60 optics students, pursueing their PhDs on two continents in 11 countries.

Watch Miles Padgett's presentation on Holographic Ghost Imaging from IONS 7

Watch David Hardwick's presentation on Lasers and Entrepreneurship from IONS 7

Slides of other presentations from IONS7 in Galway
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Chris Dainty

Chris Dainty OSA

Daniel Burke

Diana Serrano

Gerald O'Connor

Giorgio Volpe

Juris Ulmanis

Loyd McKnight

Mark Lang

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Monika Leniec

Omid Kokabee

Priyanth Mehta

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Stefano Young

Thomas Godin

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