Previous Physics Colloquia 2003-2012


School of Physics




These are colloquia already held in the past months.

Details of forthcoming colloquia can be found here.


18th June
4pm Monday

"Green photonics: a transformational technology"

Professor Min Gu
Swinburne University of Technology


11th May
time TBA Friday

"Phase-contrast x-ray imaging"

Dr Anna Burvall
KTH Stockholm


23rd April
4pm Monday

"Tissue Optics: using light in medicine and biology" (abstract)

Professor Steven L. Jacques
Oregon Health & Science University


7th March
4pm Wednesday

IoP Colloquium

"Radionuclides: An Alpha, Beta and Gamma of nuclear imaging"

Dr Elizabeth M. Parvin
The Open University


5th March
4pm Monday

"Photoacoustic microscopy based multimodal retinal imaging"

Professor Hao Zhang
Northwestern University USA


22nd February
4pm Wednesday

IoP Colloquium

"How can liquid-crystal-based spatial light modulators advance light microscopy?"

Professor Monika Marte
Innsbruck Medical University


13th February
4pm Monday

"Propagation of optical waves in refractive turbulence" (abstract)

Dr. Mikhail Charnotskii
Zel Technologies, LLC and NOAA/Earth System Research Laboratory


1st February
4pm Wednesday

Room 220
School of Physics

"Coronary OCT: new clinical insights and potential for development of novel predictive parameters" (abstract)

Dr David Adlam
University of Leicester, UK


16th January
4pm Monday

"Avant-garde femtosecond laser writing: From new phenomena to singular optics" (abstract)

Professor Peter G. Kazansky and Martynas Beresna
ORC, University of Southampton


21st November
4pm Monday

"Imaging with Quantitative Phase"

Dr Shanshan Kou
EPFL Lausanne


7th November
4pm Monday

"Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging - for cell biology, high content analysis and label-free tissue imaging"

Dr Chris Dunsby
Imperial College London




1st November
10am Tuesday

"Role of Adaptive Optics Ophthalmoscopy in the clinical setting"

Dr Marco Lombardo
Vision Engineering


26th September
4 pm Monday

"Astrochemistry of Star Formation"

Professor Jonathan Rawlings, University College London


16th September
12 noon Friday

"Dihedral Analysis of Refraction Profiles"

Prof Marlos Viana, University of Illinois at Chicago


15th September
3:45 pm Thursday

"Dihedral Fourier Analysis of Symmetry Preference Data"

Prof Marlos Viana, University of Illinois at Chicago
Note room location: C219 Aras de Brun


12th September
4 pm Monday

"Overview of the Center for Biophotonics' Programs "

Prof. Dennis L Matthews
UC Davis


24th June
12 noon Friday

"Interferometry at CSIRO Australia"

Dr. Jan Burke
CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Sydney, Australia


20th June
4 pm Monday

"In Search of the 2nd “Killer App” for Non-Invasive Diagnostic Biophotonics"

Dr Lockett Wood
Covidien Inc.


2nd June
4pm Thursday

"Optical coherence elastography in soft tissue"

Dr Brendan Kennedy
Optical and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, University of Western Australia


1st June
12 noon Wednesday


"Saving SALT: optical repairs and re-commissioning of a 10-m class telescope"

Dr Darragh O'Donoghue
South African Astronomical Observatory


30th May
4pm Monday

"Modulated Polarimetry: New Methods for Improving Imaging Polarimeter Reconstruction Accuracy"

Professor Scott Tyo
College of Optics, University of Arizona


25th May
2pm Wednesday

"PHASES: a concept for a satellite-borne ultra-precise

Dr Carlos del Burgo
UNINOVA, Portugal


9th May
4pm Monday

"Noninvasive optical imaging and biosensing of tissues with Optical Coherence Tomography: from molecules to whole (embryonic) body "

Associate Professor Kirill V. Larin
Biomedical Engineering , University of Houston


30th March
4pm Wednesday

"LBT adaptive optics system telescope commissioning: results and perspectives"

Dr Simone Esposito
Arcetri Observatory, Florence


28th March
4pm Monday
IoP colloquia

"A skin full of photophysics"

Prof David Birch
University of Strathclyde


23rd March
4pm Wednesday
IoP colloquia

"Optical vortices: Light in a Twist"

Prof Miles Padgett
University of Glasgow


21st March

"Manupulation and optimization of the
electric field in the focal region of a lens"

Dr Silvania Pereira
TU Delft


14th March
4pm Monday
IoP colloquia

"Numerical Weather Prediction in Met Éireann"

Dr Eoin Whelan
The Irish Meteorological Service


8th March
2pm Tuesday

"Recent advances in image processing for
astronomical and retinal imaging at ONERA"

Dr Laurent Mugnier
ONERA The French Aerospace Lab


7th March
2pm Monday

"Ultrahigh speed optical 3-D imaging using Fourier domain Optical Coherence Tomography"

Prof. Maciej Wojtkowski
Nicolaus Copernicus University


28th February
4pm Monday

"A Family of Optical Vortex Coronagraphs "

Prof Grover Swartzlander
Rochester Institute of Technology


10th February 2011

Thursday 4pm

"Optical studies of the tear film"

Professor Ewen King-Smith
Ohio State University


22nd November 2010

Monday 4pm

"Experiments with Polarization Tailored Light - From Reconstruction of Highly Focused Vector Beams to All-optical Nano-Particle Characterization"

Peter Banzer
MPI for the Science of Light, Erlangen


1st November 2010

Monday 4pm

"Partial polarization and partial coherence "

Dr Jani Tervo
University of East Finland


27th September 2010

"From Enthusiasm to Economy: Precision Optical Design as a Key to Making LED Street Lighting Cost-Efficient "

Dr Andreas Timinger
Optics and Energy Concepts AG


6th September 2010

"Astronomy in Antarctica - all across the spectrum "

Dr Michael Burton
University of New South Wales


19th July 2010

Monday 4 pm

"Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope image registration"

Dr Sylvain Faisan
University of Strasbourg, France


14th July 2010

Wednesday 12 noon

"Peripheral aberrations in different ocular conditions"

Prof David Atchison
School of Optometry, Queensland University of Technology


13th July 2010

Tuesday 12 noon

"Thomas Young's contribution to visual optics"

Prof David Atchison
School of Optometry, Queensland University of Technology


7th July 2010

Wednesday 2 pm

"In all, likelihood"

Prof Harry Barrett
University of Arizona


6th July 2010

Tuesday 4 pm

"Advances in ophthalmic adaptive optics imaging"

Prof Alfredo Dubra
Institute of Optics - University of Rochester


5th July 2010

Monday 4 pm

"DR with a DSLR, or Over the Himalaya with a suitcase"

Prof Harry Barrett
University of Arizona


14th June 2010

Monday 10 am

note time - 10am

"Understanding the Chemical Processes that Affect Growth Rates of Freshly Nucleated Particles"

Dr. James Smith
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, USA


14th May 2010

Friday 12 noon

"Polarization Singularities"

Dr. Florian Flossmann
Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH, Traunreut, Germany.


28th April 2010


"Connecting Rays and Waves"

Dr Miguel Alonso
University of Rochester, NY, USA


26th April 2010

IoP Colloquium

"Control of large-scale ocean structure by small-scale physics"

Dr. Raymond Schmitt
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA


10th March 2010

Please note special time Wednesday 4pm

IoP Colloquium

"Antimatter: from imagination to application - and back"

Prof. Mike Charlton
University of Wales Swansea, UK


8th March 2010

Please note special time 4:30 pm

IoP Colloquium

"Quantitative anterior segment imaging: basic ocular mechanisms and clinical applications"

Professor Susana Marcos
CSIC Madrid


22nd February 2010

IoP Colloquium

"Modelling of the pseudophakic eye for the purpose of IOL power calculation"

Dr Sverker Norrby
Chief Scientist, Abbott Medical Optics, Groningen.


17th February 2010

Please note special time Wednesday 4pm

IoP Colloquium

"Analysis of exchange processes at the air-water interface from thermography"

Dr. Christoph S. Garbe
University of Heidelberg


8th February 2010

IoP Colloquium

"Valentia Observatory - From the heights of weather balloons to the depths of earthquakes"

Keith Lambkin
Chief Scientist, Valentia Observatory


2nd February 2010

Tuesday 5:00pm

"Retinal oxymetry development and clincal studies "

Einar Stefansson MD PhD
University of Iceland, Reykjavik


22nd January 2010

Note Special Time Friday 12:00 noon

"Lateral Shearing Interferometry: a Technique for Complete Temporal Analysis of Tear Film Surface Kinetics"
"The Role of Cardiopulmonary Signals in the
Dynamics of Eye's Wavefront Aberrations"

Dorota Szczesna and Robert Iskander
Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland


14th December

"Ultra Fast Laser Pulses and Material Processing"

Prof Eric Audouard
Hubert Curien laboratory
Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne, France


7th December

"The European Extremely Large Telescope: Science Goals and Technology Challenges"

Prof Colin Cunningham
Director UK ELT Programme
UK Astronomy Technology Centre


30th November


"Optical Super-Resolution"

Dr. Michael Fiddy
OSA Student Chapter - Travelling Lecturer


23rd November

"Knots and tangles: Optical vortex lines under holographic control, and behaviour in the wild"

Prof. Mark Dennis
Department of Physics
University of Bristol


2nd November

"Novel Correlation Imaging System based on Coded Aperture Concept"

Prof. Wanli Chi
Institute of Optics
University of Rochester, New York


28th September 2009

IoP Colloquium

"Atom trapping"

Prof. Dieter Meschede
University of Bonn, Germany


21st September 2009


"Statistical behaviour of optical
vortex fields"

Prof. Stef Roux
Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Pretoria, South Africa


11th September 2009


"Adaptive optics for laser-based manufacturing processes"

Prof. Duncan Hand
School of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Heriot-Watt University


8th June 2009


"Regularised reconstruction of wave height and slope surfaces from refracted light images"

Dr. Kingshuk Roy Chowdhury
Statistics Department
University College Cork


3rd June 2009


Moore Institute Seminar Room

"Biophotonics Applications in Medicine"

Prof. Malini Olivo
National University of Singapore


18th May 2009


"Interferometry for Life"

Prof. David Nolte
Department of Physics
Purdue University, Indiana, USA


27th April 2009

"Aberrations in a dynamic optical system"

Professor Barbara Pierscionek
University of Ulster (Coleraine)


23rd April 2009

IoP Colloquium

"Gravitational Astrophysics"

Dr. Joan Centrella
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland, USA


20th April 2009

IoP Colloquium

"Chiral surfaces: Nanoscale insights into macroscale mirror symmetry breaking"

Prof. Rasmita Raval
University of Liverpool


17th April 2009

Room 220 (Physics)

"Point Diffraction Interferometry for Visual Optics"

Dr Eva Acosta
Dept of Applied Physics
University of Santiago de Compostela
Galicia, Spain


6th April 2009


"Langmuir circulations and their effects on the geology and biology of coastal shelf seas"

Prof. Ann Gargett
Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography
Old Dominion University


30th March 2009


"1607-2007: Four Centuries of Imaging Technology"

Prof. William T. Rhodes
OSA Student Chapter - Travelling Lecturer


9th March 2009

IoP Colloquium

"Birth of Cosmic Ray Astronomy on the Argentine Pampas"

Prof Alan Watson
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Leeds


2nd February 2009

IoP Colloquium

"The High Speed Universe"

Prof. Vik Dhillon
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
University of Sheffield


23rd January 2009

IoP Tyndall Lecture 2009

"The Human Body is the Ultimate Physics Laboratory"

Dr. Kevin McGuigan
Dept. of Physiology & Medical Physics
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


13th October 2008


"Using Optical Research to Design New Technology IOLs"

Dr. Patricia Piers
AMO Groningen BV


6th October 2008


"High Resolution Optical Imaging"

Dr. Anne Sentenac
Fresnel Institute, Marseilles


23rd September 2008


"Research in Adaptive Optics at the University of Canterbury: An introduction to the FastSCAN hand-held laser scanners - Applications and Research"

Dr Rachel Johnson & Judy Mohr
University of Canterbury


22nd September 2008


"Aging Optics"

Prof. Ray Applegate
College of Optometry
University of Houston


3rd September 2008


"Modified Optical Vortices: Design and Experiment"

Dr. Jiao Lin
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


26th August 2008


"Adaptive optics applications on through-focus vision studies - visual performance, blur interpretation and colour rception"

Dr Huanqing Guo
Queensland University of Technology


8th August 2008


"Optical Design in Ocular Adaptive Optics"

Dr. Luis Diaz-Santana
City University, UK


7th August 2008


"Optical Vortex Detection and Strongly Scintillated Beam Correction Using vortex dipole annihilation"

Dr. Mingzhou Chen
Dept. of Electrical, Electronic, and Computer Engineering
University of Pretoria


22nd July 2008


"Biophotonical diagnostic and treatment methods"

Prof. Israel Gannot
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Tel-Aviv University


14th July 2008


"Biophotonic Applications to the needs of Bio-Medicine "

Dr Igor Meglinski
Cranfield Health School
Cranfield University


10th July 2008


"Optical imaging and characterization of superficial tissue "

Dr Steven Morgan
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
University of Nottingham


30th June 2008


"The potential for medical imaging using laser-induced ultrasound"

Prof. Richard Dewhurst
University of Manchester


12th May 2008

"Wavefront Coding to Extend Depth of Field and Focus of Imaging Systems"

Prof Tom Cathey
University of Boulder, Colorado


14th April 2008

"Video Projection using Holograms: present and future"

Dr. Andreas Georgiou
Department of Engineering
University of Cambridge


7th April 2008

"Applications of adaptive optics in femtosecond laser machining"

Prof Derryck T. Reid
School of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Heriot-Watt University


10th March 2008

"Retinal Image Quality and Visual Performance"

Prof Larry Thibos
College of Optometry, Indiana University


5rd March 2008


Generation of optical vortex beams with a deformable mirror and propagation through atmospheric turbulence"

Prof. Robert K. Tyson
Department of Physics and Optical Science
University of North Carolina at Charlotte


3rd March 2008

"Autofluorescence imaging" (Provisional Title)

François C. Delori, Ph D.
Schepens Eye Research Institute
Harvard Medical School


19th February 2008


IOPI Colloquium

"Exploring the Hot Universe with XMM-Newton and XEUS"

Prof. Martin Turner 
University of Leicester, UK


18th February 2008

"Lung disease breath marker diagnostics using laser absorption and GC-FID/FPD"

Dr Franz Rohrer
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH


11th February 2008

"Dynamics of the head and the eye movement and their correlation with the cardiopulmonary system"

Prof. Henryk Kasprzak
Wroclaw University of Technology


4th February 2008

IOPI Colloquium

"Statistical Physics and the Stock Market"

Prof. Jean-Phillpoe Bouchaud
CEA, Saclay, France


26th November 2007

"Controversies in Negative Refraction"

Dr Martin McCall
Imperial College London


15th November 2007


"Shedding Light on Biological Tissue with Optical Coherence Tomography"

Dr Pete Tomlins
National Physical Laboratory, UK


12th November 2007

IOPI Colloquium

"Soft Machines - What Nanotechnology Can Learn from Biology"

Prof Richard A.L. Jones
University of Sheffield


5th November 2007

"Seeing more: wavefront coding and spectral retinal imaging"

Dr Andy Harvey
Heriot Watt University


1st October 2007

"Studies of aerosol physical properties in the marine boundary layer"

Dr. Tymon P. Zielinski
Institute of Oceanology, Sopot, Poland


23rd July 2007

"Imaging through Negative Refraction by
Left-Handed Materials and Photonics Crystals "

Professor Manuel Nieto-Vesperinas
CSIC Madrid


16th May 2007


"Magnus Effect: Classical Physics, Super Media, Optics"

Dr. Konstantin Bliokh
Karkhov, Ukraine


14th May 2007

"A Practical History of Zoom Lenses"

Jon Maxwell
Cooke Optics Limited


27th March 2007


"Pupil reconstruction using the Nijboer-Zernike diffraction theory"

Prof. Joseph Braat
Optics Research Group
TU Delft, Netherlands


20th February 2007


"Electrostatic push-pull deformable mirror for adaptive optics "

Stefano Bonora
University of Padova, Italy


19th February 2007

"Can we use an adaptive optical approach to correct the refractive error of very large populations?"

Prof. Josh Silver
University of Oxford, UK


13th February 2007


"Spectral tuning of human cones to maximize reflectance information from natural scenes"

Prof. David Foster
Sensing, Imaging, and Signal Processing Group
The University of Manchester, UK


6th February 2007



"Adaptive Optics Activities at the Institute for Atmospheric Optics, Tomsk "

Prof. V Lukin
IAO Tomsk


11th December 2006

"Climate Scenarios for Ireland Using Multimodel Ensembles and their Consequences for Water Resource Management"

Dr. John Sweeney
Department of Geography
National University of Ireland, Maynooth


7th December 2006

"Random Topics in Lens Design"

Eddie Judd
Davin Optronics


28th November 2006


"Phase-space representations in Optics"

Prof. Jorge Ojeda-Castañeda
Department of Experimental Sciences
Universitat Jaume I, Castelló, Spain
abstract (.pdf 32KB)


27th November 2006

IOPI Colloquium


"Evolutionary photonics: taking designs inspiration from nature"

Dr. Peter Vukusic
Exeter University, UK


22nd November 2006


"Using integral field spectroscopy for
characterising extra-solar planets"

Dr. Niranjan Thatte
Dept. of Astrophysics
University of Oxford, UK

6th November 2006

"Ocular microtremor - biophysics & measurement"

Gerard Boyle
St James Hospital, Dublin

16th October 2006

"Biomass Burning and Impacts on Clouds and Climate"

Prof. Dr. Meinrat O. Andreae
Biogeochemistry Department
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry


9th October 2006

IOPI Colloquium


"Short wavelength semiconductor optoelectronic materials and devices"

Prof. Claus Klingshirn
Institut für Angewandte Physik
Universität Karlsruhe, Germany


25th September 2006

"Benjamin Franklin and his bifocals: the continuing problem of finding the ideal solution to the optical problems of
advancing years"

Prof. Neil Charman
Optometry and Neuroscience
The University of Manchester, UK


20th September 2006

Room 220 Physics


"Magnetic fields in stellar atmospheres - observations, modelling and (missing) atomic data"

Prof. Martin Stift
Vienna Observatory


18th September 2006

"Tidal power and ultra-low head hydro with no moving parts"

Dr. John Hassard
High Energy Physics Group
Imperial College London


11th September 2006

"Nanotechnologies for Optical Communications Systems"

Prof. Gareth Parry
Experimental Solid State Physics group
Imperial College London


12th June 2006

"Techniques for imaging of

Prof. Robert A. Gonsalves
Department of  Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tufts University

Download abstract (pdf 64KB)


9th May 2006


"Adaptive optics for optical microscopy"

Dr. Martin Booth
Department of Engineering Science
University of Oxford

27th March 2006

"Geomagnetic Polarity Reversals"

Prof. Gary Glatzmaier
University of California at Santa Cruz, USA


6th March 2006

4:00 pm

"A journey in nanoscience: from atoms through clusters to proteins"

Prof. Richard Palmer
Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Birmingham, UK


6th March 2006

12:00 pm

"Coherence and Polarization in Electromagnetic Fields"

Prof. Ari Friberg
KTH School of ITC
Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm


15th February 2006

"Using Gravity's Lenses"

Dr. Neal Jackson
University of Manchester, UK

13th February 2006

"Gravitational Waves"

Dr. Sheila Rowan
University of Glasgow, UK

16th January 2006

"Imaging Glaucoma"

David Garway-Heath
Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

21st November 2005

"Molecular Engineering of Nanostructures for Photonic Applications"

Prof. Werner Blau
Molecular Electronics and Nanotechnology
Trinity College Dublin

14th November 2005

"M82, Starbursts, Star Clusters, and the formation of Globular Clusters"

Dr. Eric R. Keto
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Harvard University Department of Astronomy

See the presentation (requires Windows Media Player)


10th October 2005

"Living cells and colloids manipulated by real-time spatially encoded light"

Dr. Jesper Glückstad
Optics and Plasma Research Department
Riso National Laboratory, Denmark


11th July 2005

"Deconvolution of Astronomical and Vision Science Adaptive Optics Images"

Dr. Julian Christou
Center for Adaptive Optics, Santa Cruz


23rd June 2005


"Localization of waves in disordered media: generalities and applications"

Prof. Valentin Freilikher
Department of Physics
Bar Ilan University, Israel

20th June 2005

"Coherence Effects at Subwavelength Dimensions (near-field statistical optics) "

Dr. Aristide Dogariu
CREOL College of Optics and Photonics
University of Central Florida


26th May 2005



"Molecular imaging: Visualizing biology with light and gamma rays"

Prof. Harrison Barrett
Walton Professor
Department of Experimental Physics
National University of Ireland, Galway


19th May 2005


"Multi-frame parallel wavelength diversity"

Dr. Donald McGaughey
Royal Military College of Canada

16th May 2005

"Optical properties of the cornea and crystalline lens of the eye: from the development of non-invasive imaging techniques to real life applications"

Dr. Susana Marcos
Instituto de Óptica,
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

9th May 2005

"Wide-Field Optical Sectioning Microscopy using Structured illumination"

Dr. Dejan Karadaglic
University of St Andrews, UK

27th April 2005

"Wavefront sensing"

Prof. A. H. Greenaway
Applied Optics and Photonics Group, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh


19th April 2005


"Polymer Electronics: A Molecular Vision"

Prof. Donal Bradley
Imperial College, London

14th March 2005

"X-ray generation using high-power femtosecond lasers - toward single molecule structure determination"

Dr. Bill Brocklesby
Optoelectronics Research Centre,
University of Southampton

7th March 2005

"Luminescence makes sense!"

Prof. Brian MacCraith
National Centre for Sensor Research,
Dublin City University

4th March 2005

"Inferences about photoreceptor degeneration from high-resolution retinal imaging "

Dr. Joe Carroll
Center for Visual Science
University of Rochester

28th Ferbruary 2005

"Terahertz pulsed imaging: image analysis and medical applications"

Dr. Elizabeth Berry
Centre of Medical Imaging Research,
University of Leeds

21st February 2005

"Light's angular momentum - it's all torque"

Prof. Miles Padgett
University of Glasgow

7th February 2005

"Multi-Dimensional Fluorescence Imaging"

Prof. Paul French
Imperial College, London

17th January 2005

"Adaptive Optics: from Astro to Nano"

Dr. G. D. Love
University of Durham

15th November 2004

"Clouds and Climate"

Prof. J-L Brenguier
CNRM/GMEI, Toulouse, France

18th October 2004

"Polarization Imaging in Multiple Scattering Environments"

Dr Keith Hopcraft
University of Nottingham

27th May 2004

"Adaptive Optics System Performance Improvement of a Free-Space Laser Communications System"

Prof. Robert K Tyson
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

17th May 2004

"Polarization Singularities"

Dr. Isaac Freund
Bar Ilan University, Israel

19th April 2004

"The Interaction of Cone Receptor Directionality with the optical Quality of the Eye"

Dr. Steve Burns
Schepens Eye Institute, Boston

25th March 2004

"From Wavefronts to Faces - Generative models for statistically plausible appearance"

Dr Chris Solomon
University of Kent at Canterbury

Tuesday 23rd March 2004

"Hot News from the Big Bang"

Prof. Malcolm Longair
University of Cambridge

15th March 2004

"ULTRACAM - High-Speed Astrophysics"

Dr. Vikram Dhillon
University of Sheffield

Tuesday, 2nd March 2004

"The Weak Interaction, Past, Present and Future"

Prof. Martin Grünewald
University College Dublin

Tuesday, 17th February 2004

"Diffusion and Amplification of Magnetic Fields by Turbulence:Towards a Self-Consistent Theory of Mean Field Electrodynamics"

Prof. Patrick Diamond
University of Californa, San Diego

16th February 2004

"Novel light sources for the physical and life sciences"

Prof. Allister Ferguson
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Tuesday, 3rd February 2004

"Lasers, unravelling the Mystery"

Ilya Eigenbrot
Imperial College London

19th January 2004

"Tailored optical potentials: a playground for advanced biological and physical science?"

Dr. Kishan Dholakia
University of Saint Andrews, UK

17th November 2003

"Carbon and Nitrogen in the Early Galaxy"

Dr. David Peat
University of Leeds, UK

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SFI Applied Optics Group
School of Physics, NUI Galway


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