PhD Student (Thermal Imaging) 



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National University of Ireland, Galway 
Phone: +353-91-492984 extn 2984 
Fax: +353-91-495529 
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My research involves improving the output of thermal imaging. The methods by which this is carried out include exploiting spatial and temporal variations in the thermal scene. Thermal imaging is branching into the consumer market with recent smartphone add-ons. However, the output quality of these sensors is likely to remain low when compared with sensors in the visible spectrum, due to manufacturing and physical constraints. The work we are undertaking focuses on computational methods of extending and improving upon the output quality of such sensors.

Spatial variations have been utilised to obtain a super-resolved output, with higher modulation of spatial frequencies from input scenes. Additional temporal information has been successfully used to extract heart rates from static video and for vessel segmentation.

This research is supported by an Irish Research Council Enterprise Partnership Scheme scholarship.

Keywords: thermal imaging, super-resolution, image processing, computational imaging, spatial frequencies



  • Computational imaging
  • Thermal imaging
  • Super-resolution
  • Image processing
  • Consumer imaging



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