Completed theses of Applied Optics Group Members:

David Lara (2005) (Imperial College): "Three-dimensional Complete Polarisation Sensitive Imaging using a Confocal Muel
Fernando Quiros-Pacheco (2006) (Imperial College): "Reconstruction and Control Laws forMulti-conjugate Adaptive Optics in AstronomyFernandoQuiros_PhDthesis
 Larry Murray (2007): "Smart optics: Wavefront sensor-less adaptive optics - Image correction through sharpness maximisationLarryThesis18052008  
 David Merino (2007): "Adaptive Optics for Optical Coherence TomographyAdaptiveOpticsOpticalCoherenceTomography  
 Denis Garnier (2007): "Profiling Atmospheric Turbulence with Single Star SCIDARDGThesis  
 Eugenie Dalimier (2007): "Adaptive Optics Correction of Ocular Higher-Order Aberrations and the Effects on Functional VisionThesis ED  
 Andrew O'Brien (2008): "Simple device to measure the macular pigment optical density in vivoandrew_obrien  
 Eric Logean (2009): "On Phase Contrast Imaging of the Inner RetinaEric Logeanthesis  
 Oscar Rodriguez (2009): "Far-field method for the characterisation of three-dimensional fields: vectorial polarimetryOscar_Rodriguez_PhD_thesis  
 Charles Edouard Leroux (2010): "Time-resolved aberrometry of the eye with a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensorCharlieThesis  
 Thomas Farrell (2010): "Woofer-Tweeter Adaptive Optics for AstronomyWooferTweeterAdaptiveOpticsforAstronomy  
 Conor Leahy (2010): "Temporal Dynamics and Statistical Characteristics of Ocular Wavefront Aberrations and Accommodationcleahy_thesis  
 Maciej Nowakowski (2011): "Study of Ocular Aberrations Within a 10 deg Central Visual Field.Maciej_Nowakowski_PhD_thesis  
 Daniel Burke (2011): "Optimal post processing of AO corrected astronomical images: application to faint companion detection and characterisationDan_Burke_Thesis  
 Kevin Murphy (2011): "Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensing of Optical Vortices in a Turbulent Field  
 Betul Sahin (2011): "Correction of the Aberrations of the Eye using Adaptive Optics with Pupil TrackingBetul_Sahin_PhD_Thesis  
 Arlene Smith (2011): "Numerical Modelling and Measurement of Spatial Coherence in a Lithographic SystemArlene_Smith_PhD_Thesis  
 Marwan Suheimat (2012): "High Resolution Flood Illumination Retinal Imaging System with Adaptive OpticsMarwan Suheimat_PhD_Thesis  
 Matthew Sheehan (2012): "Eye modelling for personalised intraocular lens designMatthew_Sheehan_PhD_Thesis  
 Sabine Chiesa (2012): "Development of a fundus camera with adaptive optics using a pyramid wavefront sensorPhDThesis-schiesa